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  • Little Victorian Top Hat

    Little Victorian Top Hat
    This small, ultra-suede Victorian-era top hat is embellished with a satin rose band and black spider tulle. Tulle hangs down over the brim in a veiled fashion t...(more)

    $15.00 More Details
  • Grecian Renaissance Mask

    Grecian Renaissance Mask
    This gorgeous mask is perfect for any festival. Made to resemble antique hammered gold with Grecian embossment. Black ribbon ties. Plastic....(more)

    $18.00 More Details
  • Privateer Cotton Shirt

    Privateer Cotton Shirt
    This Renaissance shirt features a stand up collar and lace up front. The sleeves are wide and roomy and end with an elastic gather. The tucks on the back yoke, ...(more)

    $39.00 More Details
  • Adventure Scent Packs

    Adventure Scent Packs
    Based on common adventure locations from games, books, movies and TV shows, these scent packs make wonderful accents to costumes and cosplay....(more)

    $5.00 More Details
  • Scoundrel Long Pirate Vest

    Scoundrel Long Pirate Vest
    These three stunning Scoundrel Long vests are perfect worn by themselves or with any of our pirate coats. Each piece is made from rich poly-cotton brocades and ...(more)

    $72.00 More Details
  • Noble's Shirt

    Noble's Shirt
    This beautiful late renaissance shirt, available in purple, black or white, has a standing collar front and pearl buttons. The front ruffle has a three tiered c...(more)

    $55.00 More Details
  • Low Boots without Fringe

    Low Boots without Fringe
    These should do excellent service for just about all periods and come in either black or brown. Perfect for rendezvous, frontier outfits, or just plain comfort,...(more)

    $55.00 More Details
  • High Boots with Fringe

    High Boots with Fringe
    The most difficult part of completing a costume is the footwear. Good for just about all periods, these well-made boots are cut from the best glove-tanned leath...(more)

    $75.00 More Details
  • High Boots without Fringe

    High Boots without Fringe
    The most difficult part of completing a costume is the footwear. Good for just about all periods, these well-made boots are cut from the best glove-tanned leath...(more)

    $70.00 More Details
  • Low Boots with Fringe

    Low Boots with Fringe
    The most difficult part of completing a costume is the footwear. Perfect for rendezvous, frontier outfits, or just plain comfort, these well-made boots are cut ...(more)

    $59.00 More Details
  • Swordsman's Shirt

    Swordsman's Shirt
    There's no billowy cuff here to interfere with serious parry and thrust. Notice the fitted, narrow cuff; this shirt is designed to best suit a swordsman for bat...(more)

    $42.00 More Details
  • Late Renaissance Shirt

    Late Renaissance Shirt
    This sharp looking shirt was a favorite from the Renaissance through the mid-18th century. The fashionable, loose fitting design made for easy concealment for a...(more)

    $49.00 More Details
  • Period Tights

    Period Tights
    These rugged tights will complete just about any period outfit. Made from soft, stretchable 100% cotton, they have an elastic waistband and boot stirrups allowi...(more)

    $35.00 More Details
  • Festival Shirt

    Festival Shirt
    Here is a perfect men's shirt for just about any period faire. This lightweight, cotton gauze material will keep you cool yet looking dashing. The looped button...(more)

    $59.00 More Details
  • Tudor Flat Cap

    Tudor Flat Cap
    The flat cap was traditionally worn through the late 15th through the early 16th Century and was worn by both men and women. Our version is made of strong cotto...(more)

    $29.00 More Details
  • Buccaneer Coat

    Buccaneer Coat
    The bitter cold of the English Channel will be no match for this dashing Captain's styled coat. This heavy gray woolen coat is one of the best we have ever prod...(more)

    $120.00 More Details
  • Viking Boots

    Viking Boots
    This style of Viking boot was used for hundreds of years. The low ankle design and soft suede exterior make it a great boot for a variety of outfits. Our versio...(more)

    $65.00 More Details
  • Country Maid Skirt w/ Bodice Overdress

    Country Maid Skirt w/ Bodice Overdress
    Perfect for the country lass; the bodice is integral to this skirt. The bodice and attached skirt are made of durable 100% cotton. The bodice is laced to fit wi...(more)

    $69.00 More Details
  • Early Kilt

    Early Kilt
    Colors and designs of the plaids used for early kilts conveyed no specific meaning until the 18th Century. At one point in time, the higher classes showed off t...(more)

    $49.00 More Details
  • Steampunk Tesla Mary Jane

    Steampunk Tesla Mary Jane
    The classic Mary Jane gets a Steampunk twist with these pumps. Features a gear buckle, wing tip and brass studs. 4 heel. Available in black or brown, sizes 6 ...(more)

    $30.00 More Details
  • Pirate Pants

    Pirate Pants
    These long pair of durable 100% cotton pants are perfect for a variety of outfits. With its draw string waist, generous cut and slightly flared legs, and extra ...(more)

    $39.00 More Details
  • Fair Maiden's Overdress

    Fair Maiden's Overdress
    The Fair Maiden's Dress; a perfect dress for the faire or going off to market. This colorful, 16th century styled dress features coordinating front trim and re-...(more)

    $69.00 More Details
  • Pirate Vest

    Pirate Vest
    Climb aboard for any adventure with this 17th century lace-up vest. This top can be worn with a variety of period shirts and has even been worn by a few shipboa...(more)

    $39.00 More Details
  • Viking Tunic - Woolen

    Viking Tunic - Woolen
    These are the finest viking tunics we have ever offered. Made from wool blend, the rich fabric is heavy and accurate to the period.The sleeves, collar and hem a...(more)

    $89.00 More Details
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