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Steven Gerrard Signed Liverpool Photo - The Best There Ever Will Be

Stunning Liverpool photo hand signed by Steven Gerrard. Personally hand-signed in silver by Steven Gerrard at a private signing session in Liverpool on 08/03/2018. Perfect clear signatures from a closed signing session with proof - the best examples of genuine autographs you can buy. Own a piece of sporting history Each signed photo comes with a certificate of authenticity. ...

Graeme Souness Signed Liverpool 1981 Shirt - Number 11

Forget the no-nonsense tackling, the fiery passion and the oft-borderline aggression. Think not of that Istanbul incident. Move past the no-holds-barred punditry. Think about what really makes Graeme Souness a football legend: his trophy cabinet. After all, the Liverpool and Rangers legend won five English league titles, three European Cups, four League Cups and an FA Cup as a player and manager in England, while north of the border he captured seven major honours to go with a Coppa Italia and T...

Luis Suarez Signed Liverpool 2011/12 Away Shirt - Fan Style Number 7

There are few centre-forwards in todays game who are as deadly as Luis Alberto Suarez Diaz. El Pistolero has left his mark wherever he has played; be it Ajax, Liverpool or FC Barcelona. Switching from Anfield to Camp Nou in the summer of 2014, Suarezs arrival was to herald a new dawn of dominance for La Blaugrana. As the last remaining piece in what has become the sports most fearsome forward three, Suarez helped fellow forwards Leo Messi and Neymar Jr to a collective 122 goals in their first tr...

Harry Redknapp Signed Retro West Ham United Shirt

This fantastic retro West Ham United shirt was personally signed by Harry Redknapp at a professional closed signing session held by A1 Sporting Memorabilia on 21/12/2018 in Christchurch, Dorset. Each item comes with its own official certificate of authenticity which serves as proof that your item is genuine. ...

Harry Redknapp Signed Book - A Man Walks On To A Pitch

Harry Redknapp signed book - A Man Walks On To A Pitch. This book was personally hand-signed by Football legend, Harry Redknapp. The book features a clear signature inside the opening page, which is evident in a permanent marker pen. Regular Price: £39.99 ...

Framed Harry Redknapp Signed Photo - The Gaffer

This stunning framed 16 x 12 inch photo was personally hand signed by football legend, Harry Redknapp in silver permanent marker pen at a professionally organised signing session held by A1 Sporting Memorabilia in Christchurch, Dorset on 21/12/2018. Regular Price: £69.99 ...

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  • Bed Bugs

    Bed Bugs
    OMG--Call the exterminator quick! Sprinkle these plastic-shaped bugs in the bed and wait for the screams....(more)

    $0.99 More Details
  • Joy Buzzer

    Joy Buzzer
    Vibrating shocker. Small hand-held instrument that simulates electric shock. Shake hands or touch somebody and it gives off a spine-tingling sensation! No batte...(more)

    $0.99 More Details
  • Dog Mess

    Dog Mess
    Bad dog! Should have let him out. Looks real....(more)

    $0.99 More Details
  • Oops

    Bad Shot! Somebody Missed! Place anywhere. Looks like real human thing. Causes unbelievable commotion. Ecch!...(more)

    $0.99 More Details
  • Xray Glasses

    Xray Glasses
    Best gag ever! Amazing optical illusion glasses seem to give you X-ray vision. Apparently see bones thru skin. Girls won't trust you, but let them look for them...(more)

    $1.98 More Details
  • Bagel Surprise

    Bagel Surprise
    Looks delicious... but when they pick it up for a bite, a cockroach leaps up! Plastic bagel/bug and paper plate. 4 dia....(more)

    $2.97 More Details
  • Stomach Mess Fake Vomit

    Stomach Mess Fake Vomit
    Imitation vomit. Looks like someone was SICK, SICK, SICK! Almost turns your stomach to use as a joke, it's so realistic. Made of plastic. The gloppiest look. Pl...(more)

    $3.98 More Details
  • Match To Flower Trick

    Match To Flower Trick
    Lighted match changes to lovely flower. Instant hit! Light ANY match, blow it out and INSTANTLY it changes to gorgeous carnation flower. Do over & over. With fl...(more)

    $4.98 More Details
  • Shocking Pen

    Shocking Pen
    You innocently offer to loan them your expensive looking ball point pen. Do this to only your very best friends who will like you anyway. This Shocking Pen catc...(more)

    $7.98 More Details
  • Lotto Picker Keyring

    Lotto Picker Keyring
    Leave your lucky numbers to random chance! Click and watch the numbers roll. Will they be the magic numbers that make you a big winner? No guarantees, but hey, ...(more)

    $7.98 More Details
  • Weener Kleener Soap

    Weener Kleener Soap
    Add a hole new dimension to fun in the shower or bath! Super gag gift for the man who has everything! Personal hygiene has never been as stimulating. And it's g...(more)

    $7.98 More Details
  • Carbide Ammo

    Carbide Ammo
    Carbide Ammo is for both the 25 Inch Field Cannon 7389 and for the 17 Inch Field Cannon 7384. Each tube of ammo produces over 100 shots....(more)

    $8.98 More Details
  • Sack Of Poop

    Sack Of Poop
    Who do you know what deserves a sack of poo? Probably more than a few. These 4 man-made turds (but not the way you think--these are a wood composite) vary in si...(more)

    $8.98 More Details
  • Puzzle Preserver And Hanger Kit

    Puzzle Preserver And Hanger Kit
    No glue, fuss or muss! Preserve puzzles for wall display with easy-to-use adhesive strips and sheets and 2 hanging hooks. Preserves one puzzle up to 29x 21.5 or...(more)

    $9.00 More Details
  • Sound Bytes Sound Machine

    Sound Bytes Sound Machine
    20 Sound Effects In Your Pocket! Professional and novice pranksters unite! This palm-sized sound machine contains 20 realistic sound effects including breaking ...(more)

    $9.98 More Details
  • Sunscreen Tube Flask

    Sunscreen Tube Flask
    Fake Sunscreen Tube Is Really A Flask! Smuggle your booze anywhere inside this clever flask that looks like an ordinary tube of sunscreen. Easy to fill, easy to...(more)

    $10.98 More Details
  • Genius Paper Clip Holder

    Genius Paper Clip Holder
    Genius Paper Clip Holder. Have fun creating gravity-defying hairstyles on this desktop genius! Magnetic head is 3.75 tall. Paper clips not included. Not a toy....(more)

    $10.98 More Details
  • Amaze Puzzle

    Amaze Puzzle
    16 Mazes In One! Innovative twist on an old favorite! Challenge your brain as you navigate through the maze with the attached stylus, pushing open movable gatew...(more)

    $10.98 More Details
  • Drinking Bird

    Drinking Bird
    There's a scientific explanation for why he does what he does, but who cares? He's just fun to watch! Tip his beak into a glass of water, and he goes back on hi...(more)

    $10.98 More Details
  • Swimming Fish

    Swimming Fish
    Place realistically detailed fish in water, then press button on its underbelly and watch it swim! Fun for bath, pool, or beach! Colors vary, our choice please....(more)

    $11.98 More Details
  • Lovers Heart Candy G String

    Lovers Heart Candy G String
    Sweet and sexy! An adult spin on the classic candy necklace, this intimate novelty is tasty, racy, and perfect for Valentine's Day, anniversary, honeymoon, etc....(more)

    $11.98 More Details
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