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Top 10 Guest Photos 2017

Hello and Happy New Year! There are certain things that you come to depend on, events that happen consistently and predictably. We like to think our annual photography competition is one of these events! Every year†the team here at Active HQ gather around a big screen in the staff lunch area to let the competition entry images†soak in†– we let ourselves be inspired. Fresh from our own adventures over the festive season, it’s easy to let the mind wander… “what it must be l...

5 Personality Types Who Love to Trek in South America

Ever wondered who takes an active vacation trekking in South America The type of folks who will be your fellow adventurers on an active tour of Peru or Patagonia The answer might surprise youóbecause there is no one answer. We see an endless panoply of unique and interesting individuals, but they do share a few common traits: Openness, curiosity, enthusiasm, courage, and more than a little love of adventure. Over the years, weíve identified a few general personality types that manyónot all, of ...

Celebrate Like A Kiwi Ė Hike New Zealandís Milford Track this Christmas

Anyone living in the northern hemisphere will be familiar with the term Ďwhite ChristmasíÖ but have you ever heard of a Ďgolden sand Christmasí Or a Ďlush green rain forest Christmasí Maybe a Ďglass of wine as youíre sun baking beside a lake, high in the Southern Alps Christmasí Ok, weíre getting carried away now, but what an amazing idea Ė a Southern Hemisphere Christmas! Summer solstice lands on December 22nd in New Zealand this year, so during the Christmas/New Year period our days are the l...

14 Days in Patagonia: The Ultimate Explorerís Itinerary

So you like to be active, huh Thatís totally cool with us. In fact, our new tour features the best of the best when it comes to an active vacationóhiking volcanoes and kayaking fiordsóand you may just see some really amazing things along the way. Hereís the perfect itinerary for 14 days in Patagonia for all of the ultimate explorers out there:   Day 1: Get your bearings in Bariloche with an authentic Patagonian meal. We all know travelling takes a lot out of you. One of the best jet lag c...

7 Surprising Reasons South America Is the Ultimate Winter Destination

Looking for a better way to spend your winter instead of staying inside all season long binge-watching Netflix No offense to the binge-watchers out thereóit certainly has its time and place! But after awhile, donít you crave something a little moreÖ adventurous Sure, you could travel to the beaches of the Caribbean, along with every other coworker in your office. Who wants to lay out on a cramped beach or wait in a long line for a cocktail Traveling just a little further southósouth of the equa...

Preparing for a Hiking Adventure: 8 Fitness Tips for the 50+ Explorer

ďAm I too out-of-shape for an adventure tripĒ Itís the number-one question weíre asked by so many travellers inquiring about our trips. Itís the nagging worry that especially keeps 50+ adventurers from taking the plunge on the vacation of their dreams – and thatís a shame, because anyone who loves the outdoors is a good candidate for an adventure tour. Of course, that doesnít mean there arenít things you can do to prepare before your trip to make it more enjoyable. A little investment in ...

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