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  • 61* DVD

    61* DVD
    This poignant drama captures one of the seminal moments in baseball sports history. Barry Pepper and Thomas Jane star as Roger Maris and Mickey Mantle as they v...(more)

    $5.98 More Details
  • Grey Gardens DVD

    Grey Gardens DVD
    This 2009 HBO drama follows the true life story of Jackie Kennedy's aunt and first cousin whose lives as socialites spiraled out of control and into madness. A ...(more)

    $9.97 More Details
  • Into the Storm DVD

    Into the Storm DVD
    This 2009 biographical sequel to HBO's award-winning film The Gathering Storm (2002) stars Brendan Gleeson as the fearless Winston Churchill leading Britain int...(more)

    $19.96 More Details
  • Age Old Friends DVD

    Age Old Friends DVD
    Hume Cronyn and Vincent Gardenia won Emmys for this humorous, poignantly performed tale of two buddies facing their senior years together in a nursing home. Cro...(more)

    $19.98 More Details
  • Always Outnumbered, Always Outgunned DVD

    Always Outnumbered, Always Outgunned DVD
    An ex-con just can't catch a break in this character-rich drama from the pen of Walter Mosley, the author of the popular Easy Rawlins mysteries. Laurence Fishbu...(more)

    $5.98 More Details
  • Ambushed DVD

    Ambushed DVD
    A Klan leader has been murdered, and the only witness to the slaughter is the victim's son - young and burning with racist hatred. Now the county's only black c...(more)

    $19.98 More Details
  • America's Dream DVD

    America's Dream DVD
    America's Dream captures the joy, the pain, the struggle to survive in a land where dreams can be lost...and found. In Long Black Song, a hard-working farmer (D...(more)

    $19.98 More Details
  • And the Band Played On DVD

    And the Band Played On DVD
    A threat no one dared face. A word no one wanted to speak. A fight for many, fought by few. From Randy Shilts' bestseller comes a powerful, enlightening and mo...(more)

    $9.97 More Details
  • Angel Rodriguez DVD

    Angel Rodriguez DVD
    From HBO Films. Rachel Griffiths and new comer Jonan Everett star in the story of a counselor and the troubled inner-city teenager she is trying to help, both o...(more)

    $19.98 More Details
  • Angels in America DVD

    Angels in America DVD
    This epic 2004 HBO six-part miniseries directed by Mike Nichols and written by Tony Kushner is set in mid-1980s New York City. Following the lives and spiritual...(more)

    $19.97 More Details
  • Blind Side DVD

    Blind Side DVD
    A dark and bloody action-packed thriller filled with murder and deception, Blind Side (1993) stars Ron Silver and Rebecca De Mornay as a married couple on their...(more)

    $19.98 More Details
  • Blue Ice DVD

    Blue Ice DVD
    Until the car behind him took out his rear light, Harry Anders (Michael Caine) thought he'd given up on spying... Now he has to think again. The car that hit hi...(more)

    $19.98 More Details
  • Cedric the Entertainer: Taking You Higher DVD

    Cedric the Entertainer: Taking You Higher DVD
    Veteran comedian Cedric the Entertainer returns for a hilarious comedy special sure to have you rolling with laughter. Cedric the Entertainer: Taking You Higher...(more)

    $19.97 More Details
  • The Changeling DVD

    The Changeling DVD
    Peter Medak's Changeling (1980) is a quintessential ghost story with all the right chilling supernatural rituals. A haunted house and seances are only the begin...(more)

    $5.98 More Details
  • Cheaters DVD

    Cheaters DVD
    Jeff Daniels stars as an inner-city Chicago high school teacher whose dedication to his students leads to a lapse of ethics in this drama based on a true story....(more)

    $19.98 More Details
  • Citizen Cohn DVD

    Citizen Cohn DVD
    Roy Cohn (James Woods) was a brutal genius - an attorney with a future - and he knew it. First taking the Rosenbergs to trial as spies, ensuring he got them the...(more)

    $19.98 More Details
  • Classical Baby: The Poetry Show DVD

    Classical Baby: The Poetry Show DVD
    Classical Baby: I'm Grown Up Now: The Poetry Show (2008) is a compilation of 13 favorite poems from poetry masters like William Shakespeare, John Keats, Woody G...(more)

    $9.97 More Details
  • Conspiracy DVD

    Conspiracy DVD
    One of the greatest crimes against humanity was perpetrated in just over an hour. One meeting. Six million lives. By the winter of 1942, Hitler's dream of Arya...(more)

    $9.97 More Details
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