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7 Ways to Break Out Of A Style Rut

LEARN TO LOVE A SNEAKER WITH SKIRTS Today itís more than acceptable than ever to wear flats each day of the week. And that...

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6 Beauty and Style Tips for Cool and Warm Skin Undertones

I always recommend harmonizing your appearance-based color choices to your skin undertone because if you dont, you likely will make yourself appear older, dull, and washed out....

What's Your Skin Undertone? Not Knowing May Be Making You Look Washed Out

Knowing whether you have a cool or a warm skin undertone is a key piece of information about yourself to take with you makeup shopping and when choosing a hair color at the hair salon....

Master the Wardrobe Edit and Get More Out of Your Closet Right Now!

Getting dressed is much easier with some pre-canned outfits you can grab and go with easily. You dont have to necessarily try everything on, or do a lot of work -- just think out how and what you can wear items with and make a mental note....

Should You Match Your Clothing Colors With Your Hair Color?

Are you of the mindset that your clothing color choices should go with or match your hair color If so, you are not alone. I hear this all the time and most often I hear this from people who have chosen to go gray....

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  • Refresh Aroma Oil

    Refresh Aroma Oil
    100% Pure Essential Oils from Switzerland. Refresh smells pleasantly lemon-like and refreshing. Refresh is designed for use in any aroma diffuser or specified h...(more)

    $21.99 More Details
  • Revive Aroma Oil

    Revive Aroma Oil
    100% Pure Essential Oils from Switzerland. Revive smells pleasantly of pine mixed with a lightly tart scent. Revive is designed for for use in any aroma diffuse...(more)

    $21.99 More Details
  • Chakra Gemstones

    Chakra Gemstones
    The Chakra Gemstones are hand-selected, semi-precious stones chosen for their unique visual characteristics and energy. Naturally polished to a brilliant, long-...(more)

    $22.99 More Details
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