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Travel Tips: Get Organized For Family Vacations

Posted by Cynthia Ewer on April 20, 2019Memorial Day is on the horizon, and the school year is winding down. Its time to think road trip as summer begins. Family vacation travel can be enriching, enjoyable and exciting--but only if youre organized. The family that fails to plan for summer travel can end up frazzled, frustrated and longing for the quiet comfort of home. This year, get ready! Whether its car trips, plane travel or close-to-home stay-cation trips, weve assembled OrganizedHome.Com...

Declutter 101: Where Do I Start?

Ready to cut clutter on the homefront--but not sure where to start Standing amid the stacks and piles, it can be hard to find a good spot to dive in and begin. Too often, de-clutter efforts fizzle along with the light of day. This time, resolve to succeed! To get your organized journey off to a good start, try these clutter-cutting start points. They will help free a strangled household from the clutter monster....

Cleaning Challenge: Be Ready For Guests

Posted by Cynthia Ewer on March 29, 2019When the doorbell rings, will you be ready This week in the Cleaning Challenge, weve freshened the front porch ... and now, its time to prepare to welcome visitors and friends. Lay out a cheery welcome mat. Add extra coat hangers to a nearby coat closet, and find a space to hold guests umbrellas or overshoes. Most of all, prepare your heart! A welcoming home needs little more than that oldest and best greeting: Youre here! Come in .... and welcome! &...

Cleaning Challenge: What's Your Number?

Posted by Cynthia Ewer on March 28, 2019Focusing on the front porch this week in the Cleaning Challenge, its time to ask, Whats your number Can your house number be seen clearly from the roadway ... day and night Safety experts tell us that a clear, visible house number is vital to first responders--and its just plain convenient for everyday visitors, too. Today, check to be sure your house address number is easy to spot in any lighting condition. Will it need to be moved to a better-lit locat...

Cleaning Challenge: Spiff Up the Front Door

Posted by Cynthia Ewer on March 26, 2019Whats the focal point of the front porch The front door! Its the portal where home meets world, so does it spell a warm welcome to friends and family Today in the Cleaning Challenge, its time to spiff up the front door. Banish the dust and brighten the windows. Polish the doorknob and put out the doormat. Door wreaths or seasonal decorations bring a cheery touch; consider using Command-brand adhesive hangers to mount decorations without marring paint o...

Clutter Into Cash: Printable Yard Sale Signs and Checklist

Garage sales can clear the clutter (and score some cash!), but it helps to be organized. For a quick start, try these garage sale printables. To begin, this step-by-step yard sale checklist is your road map to planning an organized garage sale. (New to garage sales Get up to speed with yard sale tips.) Print highly-visible yard sale signs with arrows pointing right, left and ahead to guide garage sale customers to your sale ... and turn your clutter into cash. Ready, set ... sell! &...

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  • Easel/Wall-Mount Craft Storage Rack

    Easel/Wall-Mount Craft Storage Rack
    Featuring a beautiful scroll work design, this easel can hold up to six standard 30 rolls of wrapping paper. It also has two extra racks to hang tissue paper on...(more)

    $79.99 More Details
  • Sewing Table

    Sewing Table
    Sew awayG«Ųthen roll away with this easy to store, folding white sewing station. Just what you need: a large work surface that folds down, with plenty of shelf ...(more)

    $149.99 More Details
  • Director Chair Frame

    Director Chair Frame
    Made of 100% Solid Wood The chair can be folded in half for easy transport and storage, and provides great permanent or temporary seating for trade shows, outdo...(more)

    $45.99 More Details
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