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Travel Tips: Get Organized For Family Vacations

Posted by Cynthia Ewer on August 15, 2017Labor Day is on the horizon, and a new school year is upon us. Its time to think one last road trip before the coming of colder weather. Family vacation travel can be enriching, enjoyable and exciting--but only if youre organized. The family that fails to plan for summer travel can end up frazzled, frustrated and longing for the quiet comfort of home. This year, get ready! Whether its car trips, plane travel or close-to-home stay-cation trips, weve asse...

Chill Out! Cut Energy Use In Refrigerator And Freezer

Posted by Cynthia Ewer on August 14, 2017With summer weather set to scorch these days, its time for an energy-saving tune up for your refrigerator and freezer. Keeping food fresh--while conserving energy--can bring a helpful boost to the strained food budget. Try these tips to minimize energy use and save money on groceries: Fill the freezer, but give the fridge some air The freezer works most efficiently when packed as full as possible. Need to fill in some space Tuck extra ice for cold drink...

Back-to-School Countdown Day 14: Get Organized for Homeschool

In my years as worker, mother and home manager, I have experienced a full range of lifes little organizational challenges. I have run a business from a home shared with two tiny children and moved cross-country (and back). Ive merged two cluttered households into one small city apartment, and lived for many happy years with a card-carrying packrat husband. The challenge of home schooling a child beat them all hands-down, organizationally speaking. ...

Back-to-School Countdown Day 13: Teaching Kids The Planner Habit

Posted by Cynthia Ewer on August 12, 2017Teachers, parents and homeschool families know that training kids to the planner habit makes for successful students. School districts throughout the USA issue planners to pupils and integrate planner use into the school day. Homeschool families use planners to track and organize lessons, chores and activities, while tech-savvy teens rely on smartphone calendar and to-do apps to organize their work. A student planner is only a tool. How do you teach a ch...

Back-to-School Countdown Day 12: Tips to Help With Homework

Posted by Cynthia Ewer on August 11, 2017The start of a new school year means fresh supplies and new outfits ... and their less-welcome cousin, homework. How will you handle daily homework sessions in your organized home To stave off homework battles, it pays to make a plan. Creating a homework routine undercuts foot-dragging, while setting up a homework station keeps distractions to a minimum. Having a plan for homework accountability encourages student responsibility--and sees to it that ho...

Back-to-School Countdown Day 11: Win the Wardrobe Wars

Posted by Cynthia Ewer on August 10, 2017What to wear For many families, this simple question is a daily flash-point for conflict on school mornings. A budding fashionista throws a tantrum if a given outfit doesnt meet her standards, while another child insists on wearing one favorite shirt day after day--laundered or not. Younger children resist getting dressed at all, delaying the whole familys departure--and everyones mood descends to the basement before the day has even begun. Win the wardr...

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