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Habit: The Household Wonder Worker

Posted by Cynthia Ewer on October 22, 2018Looking for a way to live an organized life without having to think about it Imagine the television pitch: Special offer! Not sold in stores! The amazing Household Wonder Worker will take your house from chaos to castle in only 21 days. Itll speed your cleaning, calm your chaos and cut your clutter. Dont wait! Get it today--and put our 21-day Household Wonder Worker to work for you! You say you have the phone in one hand and a credit card in the other ...

Frugal Order: A Tightwad's Guide To Getting Organized

Posted by Cynthia Ewer on October 18, 2018Getting organized! For many, that phrase is synonymous with Buy Me! Savvy retailers know that Get Organized Fever breaks out at predictable intervals, and tailor ad campaigns to capitalize on the desire to create an organized home. Too often, professional organizers hear the cry, But I cant afford to get organized! No doubt about it, there are many marvelous products on the market to help achieve better home and personal organization. ...

Ready for Christmas with the Christmas Countdown

Ready or not, here it comes: the 2018 Organized Christmas Countdown begins on Sunday, October 21. This six-week get-organized countdown from sister site is fun, its free--and is designed to help you get ready for Christmas in good time for the celebration....

Goalposts: What Football Players Know About Setting And Reaching Goals

Posted by Cynthia Ewer on October 6, 2018Wheeling my shopping cart down the aisle at the supermarket this week, I was forced to take notice that it was, indeed, football season. With my attention distracted by a flashing soda display, my cart crashed into the corner of a miniature football field, constructed entirely out of beer cases. Untangling my cart (and trying to shove the cases back into line before anyone noticed that Id creamed the goalpost), it occurred to me that I could learn a lot...

Save on Groceries: Tips to Boost Your Price Power

On any trip to the grocery store, its the first and simplest question: whats the price Time was, it was easy to know the price of any grocery item; before computers, each can, carton and bottle sported a physical price tag. Old-school physical price tags made food costs clear--and to raise prices, grocers had to re-tag food items. This labor-intensive process discouraged wide swings in pricing. Shoppers knew what food cost, and it was easy to notice rising prices. Hello, 21st century! In...

Cut Clutter in the Bathroom: Easy as A-B-C!

Posted by Cynthia Ewer on September 16, 2018Busy school-day mornings bring new focus on the master bathroom. Home to grooming rituals and personal care chores--and heir to all sorts of oddments and obsessions--the master bathroom is your launch pad to an organized day. Whats the state of your private domain Time to cut the clutter with a session of sorting, tossing and decision-making. A simple A-B-C concept will make short work of organizing the bathrooms limited space. ...

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