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Holiday Clean Up: Clutter Cutting Ideas for Year's End

Posted by Cynthia Ewer on December 29, 2017Even in the midst of holiday cheer, its time to look ahead to a clean and organized New Year--if you can see it, over the clutter of Christmas Past. Ready to swing into the coming year from a clutter-free home Try these year-end tips to cut clutter and start the New Year on an organized note. ...

Freezer Cooking Guide: How To Cook Once, Eat For A Month

Are you ready to cook once, eat for a month Time to try freezer cooking! The concept of freezer cooking goes by many names. Once-a-month cooking. Frozen assets. OAMC. Meal assembly. Each describes the practice of assembling partially-prepared entrees in bulk for freezer storage. Made in multiple and needing only reheating or final preparations, freezer meals are an easy way to feed the family fast ... and cheap. Because you make several meals at once, economies of scale speed cooking chores. ...

Organized Pantry: A Beginner's Guide to Pantry Pride

Posted by Cynthia Ewer on November 14, 2017A working pantry Its the secret weapon of a well-organized kitchen. A planned reserve of foodstuffs and sundries used in the home, a pantry saves time, money and stress in the kitchen. Tap the pantry for unexpected meals and reduce trips to the supermarket. Stock it with frugal finds to lower grocery costs. Set aside a supply of food and sundries for a rainy day and protect your family against weather emergencies or financial dislocation. Printables...

Fall Back: Home Preparedness Checklist for Time Change Sunday

Posted by Cynthia Ewer on November 5, 2017Autumns here and its time to Fall Back: Time Change Sunday is on the way! On the first Sunday in November, we come to the end of Daylight Saving Time in most of the United States. With an extra hour in the day--and winter on the way--its a good time for a seasonal home preparedness checklist! As you circle the house, resetting clocks to Standard Time, make time for this short safety checklist. Itll see you into the winter from a safe--and organized--...

Halloween Candy Overload? Repurpose, Recycle and Reduce the Trick-or-Treat Haul!

Halloween night has come and gone; its the morning of November 1st! For parents, thats the time when the excitement of Trick-or-Treat night gives way to post-Halloween reality: what to do with all that Halloween candy Whether theyre worried about tooth decay and nutrition, or simply want to avoid the stress of a week of candy-fueled behavior from the little ones, smart parents put strategies in place to handle the Trick-or-Treat haul. Check out these ideas to repurpose, recycle and reduce the am...

Frugal Order: A Tightwad's Guide To Getting Organized

Posted by Cynthia Ewer on September 28, 2017Getting organized! For many, that phrase is synonymous with Buy Me! Savvy retailers know that Get Organized Fever breaks out at predictable intervals, and tailor ad campaigns to capitalize on the desire to create an organized home. Too often, professional organizers hear the cry, But I cant afford to get organized! No doubt about it, there are many marvelous products on the market to help achieve better home and personal organization. ...

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