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Changing Seasons: Clothes Closet Declutter

Posted by Cynthia Ewer on April 12, 2018Its the time of the season: Spring is here, and Summer is around the corner. Are you ready to dress for warmer weather A closet clean-out clears the decks for the new season and gives even the most frazzled home manager a feeling of accomplishment. Whether in the childrens closets or in your own, follow these principles for efficient, organized clothing storage....

Declutter 101: How To Cut Clutter At Home

Here at OrganizedHome.Com, we hear the cry every week: Help! Im drowning in clutter and dont know where to begin! Whether its due to poor habits, a packrat spouse, or an advanced case of affluenza, too many home managers struggle under the burden of household clutter. Clutter can clog the smooth workings of any home, imposing heavy costs on the household. ...

Garage Sale Tips: Clear Clutter With A Yard Sale

Posted by Cynthia Ewer on April 9, 2018Garage sale, tag sale, yard sale--whatever you call it, the garage or yard sale is part and parcel of the American way of life. On sunny weekend mornings, slow-moving cars (I brake for yard sales!) circle suburban neighborhoods as their occupants hunt baby toys and panini makers, auto parts and cocktail shakers. If youre in active declutter mode, the next stop is your house! Printables:  seasonal_yard_sale_checklist.pdf seasonal_yard_sale_sign_ahead...

Spring Cleaning Chore Checklist

Posted by Cynthia Ewer on March 26, 2018March winds blow, telling us that Spring is here! Warming breezes scour the last of winter from house and garden. Spring rain awakens the earth and calls forth new life. Meet the rising sap with a new broom. Spring clean indoors and out to prepare home and hearth for the return of warm weather. Our Spring cleaning chore checklist will help you take care of important seasonal chores and welcome Spring to an organized home. ...

Five Tips For Spring Cleaning With Kids

Posted by Cynthia Ewer on March 24, 2018Spring cleaning is on the horizon, and you could use some help. Its time to try a team approach to seasonal cleaning. Many hands make light work ... so how do you get the kids to pitch in when its time to spring-clean the house Try these five tips to involve children with housecleaning chores....

Speed Cleaning Tips From Professional Cleaners

Posted by Cynthia Ewer on March 22, 2018Paid cleaning help can be a wonderful short-cut to a clean and organized home--if the household budget can stand the cost. But what do you do if the Prize Patrol bypassed your door this year Take a speed-cleaning lesson from the pros! Paid cleaning services are masters of the art of speedy, efficient cleaning. Watch professional cleaners at work: they dont waste time, cut corners or dawdle over the job--and they know how to clean fast, clean right....

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