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  • Almond Joy Candy Bouquet

    Almond Joy Candy Bouquet
    Bring joy to the life of an Almond Joy lover with our fabulous Almond Joy Candy Bouquet. This bouquet features full sized and fun sized Almond Joy candy bars ar...(more)

    $46.99 More Details
  • Skittles Candy Bouquet

    Skittles Candy Bouquet
    Give them a taste of the rainbow with our Skittles Candy Bouquet. This bouquet, made up of large and fun sized bags of Skittles is a sure way to brighten their ...(more)

    $46.99 More Details
  • KitKat Candy Bouquet

    KitKat Candy Bouquet
    A Bouquet Available in two sizes featuring Kit Kat Candy Bars. Start with a vase made out of Kit Kat Candy Bars. Then fill the vase with even more Kit Kat treat...(more)

    $46.99 More Details
  • Pay Day Candy Bouquet

    Pay Day Candy Bouquet
    Candy Lovers will hit pay dirt with this gift which is available in 2 sizes! This candy bouquet celebrates the delectable treat of Pay Day Candy Bars. Starting ...(more)

    $46.99 More Details
  • Milky Way Candy Bouquet

    Milky Way Candy Bouquet
    Our Milky Way Candy Bouquet is the best gift in the cosmos for Milky Way enthusiasts. Delicious candy bars in full size and fun size are arranged to create the ...(more)

    $46.99 More Details
  • M & M Candy Bouquet

    M & M Candy Bouquet
    M&Ms fans can now enjoy a whole bouquet featuring two of M&M's most beloved flavors... peanut and plain chocolate! Delight their taste buds with a bouquet compr...(more)

    $46.99 More Details
  • Skittles and More Candy Bouquet

    Skittles and More Candy Bouquet
    Our Skittles and More Bouquet will last for days and is a better gift than fresh flowers. Our expert designers used packaged candy to create this outstanding ca...(more)

    $46.99 More Details
  • Snickers Candy Bouquet

    Snickers Candy Bouquet
    Snickers lovers are sure to enjoy picking the blooms off this bouquet. Send our Snickers Bouquet to a chocolate lover to keep on their desk so they can nibble o...(more)

    $46.99 More Details
  • Twix Candy Bouquet

    Twix Candy Bouquet
    Twix lovers will go wild for our Twix Candy Bouquet. Whatever the occasion, this bountiful Twix bouqet will delight the taste buds of Twix and chocolate lovers ...(more)

    $46.99 More Details
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