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MLS Champs Bring Trophy to Famous Atlanta Booty Club

Ever seen a championship trophy get a lap dance before!!  Well, the guys from the ATL United soccer team made it happen Monday night -- taking the MLS Cup to the legendary Magic City booty club just days after winning the title.  Cup got… ...

Strip Club Owner Threatens to Sue Stormy Daniels Over Gay Slur Claim

Stormy Daniels lied about a Florida strip club owner using a homophobic slur ... according to the club owner who not only denies using the word, but says hes done plenty of biz with gay people. Leonard Del Percio -- the owner of Goldfinger,… ...

Pete Davidson On a Date, Rebounding with Mystery Woman in NYC

Put him in, coach -- Pete Davidsons back playing the field after the Ariana Grande breakup, and we gotta say ... dude knows how to class it up for date night. The SNL vet was spotted having dinner 1-on-1 Monday night at Carbone in… ...

Brian Ortega 'Doing Much Better' After Holloway Loss, Coach Rener Gracie Says

Great news from Brian Ortegas camp ... the UFC star is improving by the minute after that bloody loss to Max Holloway this past weekend ... TMZ Sports has learned. Ortega suffered a broken nose and thumb during Saturday nights fight at UFC… ...

Fugees' Pras Says Dept. of Justice Implicating Him in Money Scheme 'Cause He's Black

Pras says he doesnt know why the Dept. of Justice is putting him at the center of a scheme to help a Malaysian financier funnel millions into the country -- but hes got a hunch its due to his skin color. We got the Fugees rapper at LAX where we… ...

Tennessee Titans Investigating Leonard Fournette's Racism Claims

The Tennessee Titans have launched an investigation into Leonard Fournettes allegations that a fan was shouting racial slurs at him during Thursday nights game at Nissan Stadium in Nashville ... sources tell TMZ Sports.  We broke the story… ...

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