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Scooter Braun, Democrats Push Him To Run for California Governor

Scooter Braun will be running for Governor of California ... if some very powerful CA democrats have their way. Weve learned a number of Democratic fundraisers and political operatives in the state have approached Braun, because they believe, as… ...

Ray J, Princess Love's Dog Almost Dies After Being Locked in Closet By Construction Crew

Ray J and Princess Loves dog almost died after being left in a closet for days without food or water ... and they think the pooch was accidentally left there by a construction worker.  Sources close to the couple tell us ... Ray and PL took a… ...

Ezekiel Elliott: Boat Party with Bikini Chicks On Cowboys' Day Off

Ezekiel Elliott aint letting his off the field issues keep him from having a good time -- the embattled running back partied on a Texas lake the day after the Cowboys 2nd preseason game.  ...

Mystikal Rape Accuser Said It Never Happened, Alleged Accomplice Claims

The woman wanted by cops for allegedly being an accessory to rape involving Mystikal says she can prove the alleged victim wasnt sexually assaulted by the rapper.  Tenichia Wafford is wanted because cops say she tried to strong-arm… ...

Guess Who This Mean Muggin' Kid Turned Into!

Before this serious-faced youngster was hungry for Hollywood, she was just another rosy-cheeked child growing up in Washington, D.C. Can you guess who she is ...

Justin Bieber to Photog: You Were Really, Really Mean, But Let's Talk it Out, Bro

Justin Bieber wanted to know why a paparazzo cussed him out in the middle of the street, so he found the guy and asked him to his face. The Biebs was hiking in Malibu Monday when he spotted the photog, whos friends with the photog… ...

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