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Meek Mill Arrested and Charged For Recklessly Driving Motorcycle (UPDATE)

9:02 PM PT -- Meek has been officially arrested and charged with reckless endangerment. He was picked up by NYPD at 10:16 PM after a 911 call was made by witnesses who saw a group of people popping wheelies and riding dangerously down the street.… ...

Raiders' Sean Smith Arrested, Charged with Felony Assault

Oakland Raiders cornerback Sean Smith -- who signed a $40 million contract last year -- was arrested Thursday and charged with felony assault, TMZ Sports has learned.  Officials say Smith attacked his sisters boyfriend on July 4 -- beat and… ...

Charles Manson New Mug Shot Photo Released

Charles Manson looked healthy and as anti-Semitic as ever in his latest mugshot. Manson was photographed Monday at the Corcoran State Prison in Northern California. Prisoners get photographed every few years for security reasons ... if they escape,… ...

'Twin Peaks' Actor Jeremy Lindholm Arrested, Charged with Attempted Murder for Girlfriend Beating

Actor Jeremy Lindholm -- who recently appeared on an episode of Twin Peaks: The Return -- is accused of viciously beating his girlfriend and trying to kill her ... and is facing an attempted murder charge. Law enforcement sources tell us ... cops… ...

Marshawn Lynch Flips Metaphorical Finger at Anthem Protest Questions

Oakland Raiders star Marshawn Lynch was asked point-blank by the media about his national anthem protest -- but by the way he bobbed, weaved and clowned the questions, youd think he was Floyd Mayweather.  When asked to address the elephant… ...

Mike Vick Responds to Charlottesville Attack: Virginia Will 'Get it Right'

Mike Vick says his home state of Virginia WILL overcome the politically charged violence in Charlottesville ... telling TMZ Sports he has faith in the people of the commonwealth. Virginias home -- I love Virginia, the QB told us… ...

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