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Kim Kardashian West Scores Jackie Kennedy Watch at Auction

Kim Kardashian has a little Jackie Kennedy in her -- or at least on her -- because we found out she secretly bid on and won one of the legendary First Ladys super-expensive timepieces. Auction sources tell us Christies expected the watch to pull…/abr /br / /p ...

Ryan Seacrest's Hosting Gig with 'American Idol' Held Up Over Executive Producer Credit

Ryan Seacrests done deal to host the reboot of American Idol has hit a snag ... but its not over money. TMZ broke the story ... Seacrest and Fremantle Media and Core Media -- the producers of American Idol-- have agreed on his salary…/abr /br / /p ...

Kwame Brown Warns NBA Draft Picks, Beware the Gold Diggers!

Kwame Brown knows all about the pressures that come with being a top NBA Draft pick -- he was #1 overall in 2001 -- and hes dishing out his best advice to Markelle Fultz and co.  First things first, Brown says his #1 experience was different…/abr /br / /p ...

Congressman Cedric Richmond Calls Out Trump, NRA, Philando Castile Was Not a Threat to Cops

President Trump and the National Rifle Assn are stereotyping all black men as dangerous, and the proof is their silence over the killing of Philando Castile ... so says Congressman Cedric Richmond. Richmond was on Capitol Hill Thursday when our…/abr /br / /p ...

Mariachi Superstar Pepe Aguilar's Son Cops Plea Deal in Human Smuggling Case

Mariachi superstar Pepe Aguilars son hopes to avoid serious prison time after striking a plea deal for smuggling a Chinese national in the trunk of his car. Jose Emiliano Aguilar pled guilty to 1 count of failing to present an undocumented alien…/abr /br / /p ...

Jamie Archer in 'Face/Off' 'Memba Her?!

Dominique Swain is best known for playing the rebelling daughter Jamie Archer -- opposite John Travolta as her on-screen father Sean Archer (and opposite Nic Cages character Castor Troy with Travoltas face) -- in the 1997 action movie…/abr /br / /p ...