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'Big Bang' Star Johnny Galecki's Home Burns Down in Massive Fire

Big Bang Theory star Johnny Galeckis ranch burned to the ground Monday night in a huge fire in San Luis Obispo ... TMZ has learned. Its Johnnys getaway place ... 190 miles from L.A. The ranch was torched along with other property in the 1,200…/abr /br / /p ...

Offset Says Migos Fight with Chris Brown All About Money and Haters

Chris Brown just aint on the same level as Migos ... at least according to Offset, who says hes not sweating the fight they got into with Chris after the BET Awards. We got Offset Tuesday on Rodeo and asked him what really set off the melee.…/abr /br / /p ...

WWE's David Otunga Calls Out LaVar Ball, Makes Plea to Vince McMahon

WWE star David Otunga says he was so blown away by LaVar Balls shirtless antics on Monday Night Raw ... he wants to wrestle him ... and hes asking Vince McMahon to make it happen! We spoke with the Raw commentator about LaVars…/abr /br / /p ...

'Bachelor in Paradise' Contestants Need Producers' Permission Before Having Sex

Bachelor in Paradise contestants who want to have sex must wait a beat and get permission from producers ... TMZ has learned. Sources at the Mexican resort where the show is being filmed tell TMZ there are new rules in place regarding sex ...…/abr /br / /p ...

UFC's Kevin Lee: Didn't Know About Poop In Octagon Until After My Fight

UFC rising star Kevin Lee had no idea someone had pooped in the Octagon before his match with Michael Chiesa on Sunday until AFTER the fight ... and jokes, There shoulda been a disclaimer!  Lee (along with guest co-host Tyron Woodley) joined…/abr /br / /p ...

Bill Cosby Calls Sexual Assault Town Hall Meetings 'Propaganda'

Bill Cosby just lashed out in the most bizarre way, saying reports that hes conducting town hall meetings on sexual assault are just propaganda ... despite the fact his P.R. people announced the meetings. Cosby just said, The current propaganda…/abr /br / /p ...

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