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SKU-949765 Eton-ź Blackout Buddy CO 3-in-1 Carbon Monoxide Alarm from Brookstone  sku

Eton-ź Blackout Buddy CO 3-in-1 Carbon Monoxide Alarm - 949765 by ETON CORPORATION

Item description: This Miscellaneous AUDIO product is by ETON CORPORATION - Works triple duty 24/7 to keep you and your family safe 3-in-1 device continuously monitors carbon monoxide levels in the air, functions as a nightlight, and can be used as a flashlight If CO levels get too high, the device will sound an alarm and the light will flash Turn the LED nightlight on to keep your bedroom, hallway or office illuminated When the power goes out, just unplug the device and fold up the prongs for use as a super-bright LED flashlight Slim, low-profile design fits close to the wall when plugged in so you wonGăÍt even know itGăÍs there Internal rechargeable NiMH battery provides 1 hour of flashlight time and 7 days of CO monitoring when fully charged Dimensions: 2.6w x 5.3h x 1.0d; weighs 4.8 oz. Super-reliable CO alarm keeps you safe at home or at the office. Carbon monoxide (CO) is odorless, colorless and toxicGă÷which is why you need an alarm that you can count on! The Eton Blackout Buddy CO is UL2034 certified and will blast an alarm and flash its light when your CO levels are too high. Just plug it in (the lower, the betterGă÷lower outlets allow for better CO monitoring) and let it do its thing. 3 bright LEDs light up the night. When Blackout Buddy CO is plugged in, it also functions as a nightlight with optional on/off. If the power goes out, Blackout Buddy CO automatically turns on as an emergency light and lets you use it as a flashlightGă÷just unplug it from the wall and fold the prongs in to light your way. The rechargeable battery provides one hour of flashlight time. Keep your home or office safeGă÷order your Eton Blackout Buddy CO 3-in-1 Carbon Monoxide Alarm from Brookstone today!... Learn More


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Store: Brookstone« is a nationwide specialty retailer offering an assortment of consumer products that are functional in purpose, distinctive in quality and design, and not widely available from other retailers. At Brookstone, weĺre committed to offering our customers unique gifts and innovative products for home, travel, office and outdoor living. From the latest audio, massage and fitness equipment, to smart solutions for grilling, entertaining and just relaxing, we make everyday life easier, more comfortableŚand a little more fun.

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