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SKU-836919 Deluxe Duracord Rope Hammock from Brookstone  sku

Deluxe Duracord Rope Hammock - 836919 by THE HAMMOCK SOURCE

Item description: This HOME HAMMOCK/ACCESSORIES product is by THE HAMMOCK SOURCE - If you snooze, you lose, as the old saying goes. To which we say: Lose away! Quality relaxation has the happy habit of quietly allowing folks to lose their anxieties and accumulated stresses - and that's one stellar prescription for drifting into drowsy daydreams, and then sliding right off into sleep. Talk about a loss that's actually much more of a gain! High stress is, after all, also highly unhealthy. That means relaxation-induced unconsciousness is pretty dang good for what ails ya! Assembly required. Does Not Include Stand. Dimensions: 82 L x 60 W x 48 H; 14 lbs.... Learn More


Keywords: deluxe duracord rope hammock

Store: Brookstone® is a nationwide specialty retailer offering an assortment of consumer products that are functional in purpose, distinctive in quality and design, and not widely available from other retailers. At Brookstone, we’re committed to offering our customers unique gifts and innovative products for home, travel, office and outdoor living. From the latest audio, massage and fitness equipment, to smart solutions for grilling, entertaining and just relaxing, we make everyday life easier, more comfortable—and a little more fun.



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