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SKU-16766 Secret Life Of Squirrels Book from The Lighter Side  sku

Secret Life Of Squirrels Book - 16766 by The_Lighter_Side

Item description: This Nostalgia Miscellaneous product is by The_Lighter_Side - Irresistible photos of wild squirrels, captured in handcrafted miniature settings playing chess, making pancakes, doing laundry, and other silly scenes. A guaranteed delight for squirrel fans of all ages! Hardcover; 32 pages. Video/DVD, books, and audio products may be returned in exchange for the same title only.... Learn More

Manufacturer: The_Lighter_Side

Keywords: secret, life, squirrels, book, irresistible, photos, wild, captured, handcrafted, miniature, settings, playing, chess, making, pancakes, 16766

Store: The Lighter Side Co.® is a division of The Johnson Smith Company®, one of America's oldest catalogers. Launched in 1979, Lighter Side offers lighthearted gifts and a wide selection of licensed and nostalgic collectibles. Our Lighter Side catalog and website offer over 500 games and toys, apparel, housewares, personalized gifts and much more from such cultural icons as Betty Boop™, Wizard of Oz™, Coca-Cola® and Looney Tunes™.

Category: Miscellaneous


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