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17 Patriarchy-Smashing Gifts For Your Feminist Mother

Mothers, like feminists, know how to / And while being a mom is by no means a requirement for feminist badassery (shout out to Gloria Steinem!)... pRead more: a href=/tag/mothers-dayMother's Day/a, a h...

18 Original Mother's Day Gifts For Moms Who Love To Cook

If you know a mom (or have a mom) who loves cooking, congratulations ? that’s a great friend (or mom!) to have. Cooking while parenting is no easy... pRead more: a href=/tag/cookingCooking/a, a href=/tag/retire-wellRe...

23 Gifts And Cards For Moms Who Are Magical

There’s no question moms are magic. Only instead of pulling a rabbit from a hat, they can catch vomit in a bare, open / But seriously, the best ... pRead more: a href=/tag/gift-guideGift Guide/a, a href=/tag/m...

The Best Gifts For Foul-Mouthed Moms

There’s a certain edge to moms who love to curse. For them, nothing sends the message better than a well-placed F-bomb when they’re doling out har... pRead more: a href=/tag/gift-guideGift Guide/a, a href=/tag/mothers...

Advertising Week: Shopper Insights: Valentine's Day on Waze

By Ana Sofia Reisbr / br / Love may be a mystery, but Valentines Day trends from Waze make this romantic holiday more predictable for brands seeking to influ... pRead more: a href=/tag/googleGoogle/a, a href=/tag/waze...

Honey Good: My Relationship With Gifts

I love buying gifts for others more than I love receiving them for myself. I enjoy analyzing the mind of the person who is going to receive it, tying ... pRead more: a href=/tag/valentines-dayValentine's Day/a, a...

25 Valentine's Day Gifts For The Most Important Person In Your Life (You)

Audre Lorde famously said that self-preservation is an “act of political warfare.” And during such a politically contentious time, where women are... pRead more: a href=/tag/valentines-dayValentine's Day/a, a hre...